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As The Jed Foundation's 2023 undergraduate Student Voice of Mental Health Award winner, Jose has dedicated himself to giving everyone in his community a chance to talk openly about their journeys with mental health. In high school, he founded In Touch, the school’s first and Miami Herald Award-winning mental health awareness nonprofit created to give students a place to connect and share their mental health stories. In Touch currently has over 400 members dedicated to expanding its mission. Inspired by his passion for storytelling, Jose later started Get In Touch, a blog where young people submit stories on a variety of mental health topics. His efforts and dedication have led him to advise and collaborate with numerous organizations, including Mental Health America, inseparable, The Jed Foundation, HopeLab, and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. This year, he was invited to be a Keynote Speaker at Mental Health America's Annual Conference in Washington, D.C.


A rising sophomore at Columbia University, Jose is pursuing a degree in psychology and hopes to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology. Jose's passion for multicultural intersectionality and enriching mental health journeys for first generation students gives him a unique point of view and a powerful voice leading the way for a new generation of advocates. An impassioned speaker, a personable and engaging individual, and a dedicated mental health advocate, Jose is well-positioned to be an impactful changemaker not only in the lives of his peers but on every level of youth mental health engagement and accessibility.

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