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‘mirrorball’ by Taylor Swift represents the soundtrack of my life at this moment

Written by Jose Caballero

Sometimes I feel like a mirrorball---methaporically. I am struck by the profound symbolism that a mirrorball holds. Yes, it gleams and brings light onto the dance floor, but it is not reflecting anything inward; it's just outward. A mirrorball is hung from the ceiling of a dance floor with one purpose: entertainment. And although it's always spinning around, it doesn't go anywhere. A mirrorball is also broken into millions of tiles that make it gleam and create a vibe at a party for people to have fun.

However, the metaphor of a mirrorball has a deeper meaning. When I gaze upon a mirrorball, I am reminded of the fleeting nature of my existence and the importance of embracing the present moment. In this moment, I realize I have the power to create and shape my own destiny and to break free from the constraints of my past in the name of progress and reform. And in this way, the mirrorball becomes not just entertainment but a symbol of hope and progress, a reminder of the infinite potential that lies within us all. This is perfectly encapsulated in Taylor Swift's song, "mirrorball."

Taylor Swift's music has always held a special place in my heart, and one of her latest albums, "folklore," has struck an especially profound chord within me. One track that has particularly resonated with me is "mirrorball," a song that has not only influenced my worldview but has also become a source of solace and inspiration in my life.

When I first heard "mirrorball" in 2020, I could not have anticipated the profound impact it would have on me. As a young adult, I have experienced migration, ostracization, and adaptation. I have also made mistakes and experienced failure, as well as feeling lost in life. However, I have also been in the spotlight. I have won several recognitions, was the cheerleading co-captain at my high school, and I'm an advocate for mental health. This is especially why "mirrorball" encapsulates all of these experiences and perfectly captures the feeling of being in the spotlight while also feeling alone.

The song's line, "Spinning in my highest heels, shimmering beautiful," highlights the idea that even when we are in the spotlight, we can still feel alone and disconnected. To me, it also symbolizes the feeling of being lost in your own thoughts and overwhelmed by the emotions of others. This is a sentiment with which I can personally relate, having felt this way in various settings, be it in the classroom, on stage, or even on social media. Nevertheless, the song serves as a reminder that in those moments, I am still spinning, still moving forward, and that is something of which to be proud.

As someone who has struggled with mental health challenges, I also find the lyrics, "All I do is try, try, try, but I'm still on my tallest tiptoes," to be particularly resonant. They remind me that it is normal to not have every aspect of life figured out and, more importantly, that there is no shame in trying.

"mirrorball" features a dreamy and ethereal sound that gives it a sense of nostalgia and longing, and it’s the soundtrack of my life at this moment because sometimes I, metaphorically, do feel like a mirrorball:

Fragile and young, a mirrorball I am,

Shimmering and delicate, a multifaceted gem,

My tiles gleam and sparkle, a radiant sight,

A beacon of joy, a glimmer of light.

I cast my reflections, on those below,

Creating a vibrant atmosphere to show,

The embodiment of hope, a captivating sight,

But also a reminder, of the darkest night.

My multifaceted nature, much like life,

Is constantly changing, full of strife,

Reflecting the world, with all its complexities,

Reminding us of the fragility of our existences.

But as I hang, stuck in the ceiling high,

I am a reminder to never say die,

For even in the darkest of times,

There is always a glimmer, a light that shines.

'mirrorball' is more than just a song for me; it serves as a reminder that even in the darkest of moments, hope persists. It is a reminder that I am the master of my own steps, even when I am dancing alone. It is a reminder that it is acceptable to break into a million pieces, but to keep moving forward, trusting that every crack and experience is merely a tile that makes me, as a mirrorball, shine.

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